A Few of Our Clients

Why We Do What We Do

TSI Applications was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing premier outsourced WordPress, ColdFusion, and PHP application development services for small to mid-sized businesses. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-notch coding at an affordable price. Our business was built on the premise that great development and excellent customer service are not mutually exclusive. No company should have to tolerate poor response times because of the mistaken assumption that because their developers know the “ins and outs” of the website, they are irreplaceable.

Rapid Response Guarantee

We know your time is valuable, and you need someone to pick up the phone when you call. Although you will typically receive an answer immediately, should you have to leave a voicemail, we promise we will return your call within 20 minutes of receipt. We pride ourselves on being a rapid response development firm. We will compensate you for your time if we cannot do so.

Our Development Process

 TSI follows the Agile development methodology for all its projects. This approach involves breaking down the project into smaller, more manageable pieces, which are then prioritized and organized as a backlog of tasks. From this backlog, we create sprints and assign a developer to oversee the design and development of each sprint. After the sprint is completed, we extensively test the new code in a test environment before integrating it into the broader application and retesting it. Once we are satisfied that the component works flawlessly, we provide the new functionality to the client for acceptance testing. We typically run parallel sprints to ensure that the project is moving forward rapidly.

Unmatched WordPress Development

WordPress is an incredibly versatile and widely-used content management system that offers a multitude of benefits to individuals and businesses looking to create and manage their websites. Its dynamic and flexible platform provides a wealth of features and functionalities that make website creation and management simple, efficient, and highly effective. Whether you are an experienced developer or a novice user, WordPress is a top choice for anyone seeking a reliable and user-friendly platform to build and maintain their online presence.

SEO/SEM Services

AdWords is an advertising platform provided by Google that has the potential to greatly benefit your brand. With a well-planned strategy and proper execution, AdWords can help you reach your intended audience, enhance brand visibility, and ultimately increase sales. We would be happy to demonstrate how we can drive more business and prevent any wastage of resources on ineffective keywords.

ColdFusion Development Services

ColdFusion is a programming language that has been around for a while. It is powerful and versatile, allowing developers to create dynamic and secure web applications quickly and efficiently. Its simplicity, integration capabilities, and robust features make it a popular choice among web developers. We have been writing ColdFusion code since the Allaire brothers developed it. Over the years, we have seen it evolve and keep pace with new features and functionality, which sets it apart from other programming languages. According to Adobe, over 60% of the world’s Fortune 500 Companies include ColdFusion as part of their development stack. Let us augment your development resources.

Veteran Owned and Operated

TSI Applications is a web development firm based in the US. It is owned and operated by service-disabled veterans who offer application development and maintenance services to small and medium-sized businesses. Our aim is to help businesses reduce their development costs, server downtime, and maintenance headaches. When you call TSI Applications, you will always be able to speak with a US-based developer. Contact us today to learn how we can help you reduce costs, downtime, and communication frustration while increasing your ROI.

Servicing Federal/State/Local Government

Federal and Government agencies can reference the following information and click here to download a Capability Statment. 


Schedule: 541-3

Contract #: GS-07F-127CA

PSC Codes: D399, J070, R612

Vehicle: GSA FSS

NAICS: 511210, 518210, 519130, 519190, 541430, 541490, 541511, 541519 (PRI), 541990