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TSI Applications was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing premier outsourced SLQ Server, Oracle, and MySQL database and web application development services for small to mid-sized businesses. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and top-notch coding at an affordable price. Our business was built on the premise that great ColdFusion, Node.js development and excellent customer service are not mutually exclusive. No company should have to tolerate poor response times because of the mistaken assumption that because their developers know the “ins-and-outs” of the website they are irreplaceable.

We not only focus on rapid response times but also on providing the best database  development services available. Excellent customer service and streamlined code have kept our business thriving for almost two decades. Our experience makes the transition from the incumbent developer as seamless
as possible.

Our Development Process

TSI uses the Agile development methodology for all projects. This means we break the project down into manageable pieces creating an ordered backlog of tasks. From this backlog, we develop sprints and assign a developer to oversee the design and development of the sprint. At the completion of the sprint, we test the new code extensively in a stand-alone environment and then integrate it into the broader application and retest. When we are satisfied that the component works flawlessly, we provide the new functionality to the client for acceptance testing. We generally run parallel sprints ensuring the project is moving forward rapidly. We use  Atlassian JIRA as our project management software and we can integrate with our clients who also use JIRA. We maintain the codebase on BitBucket maintaining a revision history and accountability.

We have a hard-copy testing plan in place which we will provide upon request.

Our Communication Channels

We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” communication method. For example, some of our clients prefer to communicate via email while others prefer to pick up the phone. We are incredibly responsive to both ways and have fail-over systems in place to ensure that both methods receive rapid responses.

  • Our phone roll-over system will connect the client to the first available developer. If for some reason, no one is available to answer the phone, the client can leave a voicemail, and someone will respond within 10 minutes, or we credit 1/2 hr of billable time on the next invoice. We do not use call-centers (foreign or domestic) or virtual receptionists to answer phones.
  • We have an emergency email address which is received by all developers. When a customer uses the SOS email address we know
    the issue is critical and will begin troubleshooting the problem immediately.

Our business is built upon our responsiveness and using third-party services to provide this critical support is inconsistent
with our company vision.

Fully Vetted

TSI Applications / Tritium Solutions, Inc was extensively vetted by the Federal Government. This means every aspect of our business was evaluated including, competitive pricing, testing plans, guarantees,
financials, company longevity, future stability, employee background checks, etc. However, the best testament to our quality and work ethic is our customer testimonials.

100% SPAM-FREE guarantee!

TSI Applications received a 98% customer satisfaction rating on the D&B Open Ratings Assessment