Pricing Models

TSI Applications offers several unique pricing models to provide financial flexibility for our clients.

Dedicated Developer

  Fixed Time / Fixed Price

  Time & Material

  Milestone Billing

Prepaid Discounted Billing

Dedicated Developer

TSI’s Dedicated Developer model provides clients with the option of having a full-time developer assigned to their contract. This option is ideal for clients who foresee several projects on the horizon and also require ongoing maintenance. One of the advantages of having a dedicated developer is that he/she will become an expert on the client’s applications and as a result will be able to create and deploy applications much faster than if the project were run through TSI’s normal process cycle. Additionally, the dedicated developer will form and maintain long-term relationships with internal IT personnel. The developer reports directly to the client on a day-to-day basis. Applications developed for the client will run through an expedited code review and testing process. This is only possible because of the developer’s understanding of the client’s code. The hourly rate is determined by the experience level required by the client. A dedicated developer may be replaced at the client’s request. Because the developer will be working with the client on a full time basis, there is a minimum monthly hourly requirement for the Dedicated Developer model.

Fixed Time/ Fixed Price

TSI offers clients a Fixed Time / Fixed Price model suited for when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. Under this low-risk model we work with clients to define expected deliverables and time lines to determine a mutually agreed fixed price. Our refined process guarantees reliability, predictability and optimized performance of the projects and assures on-time and on-budget outcomes.

Time and Material

Through the Time & Material model, TSI gives clients greater flexibility than our Fixed Time / Fixed Price model allowing them to alter the project specification on an ongoing basis based on upcoming market trends. The Time & Material model is best suited for complex projects that may require frequent specification and design changes. The client pays a flat hourly rate which is agreed upon at the time of contract signing.

Milestone Billing

The Milestone Billing model is best suited to large long-lasting projects with measurable phases.  Payment schedules are defined on time (ex. monthly) or milestone basis. This model reinforces progress monitoring and reduces large project risks.

We also understand that in some instances one size does not fit all and some clients may require the flexibility of a customized pricing model and we can create one to address their specific needs.

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