Hosting Services

We can host the applications we build as well. Below are a few of our hosting features.

Dedicated Server
We’ve designed our line of dedicated servers to meet the computing demands of today’s robust websites and applications, while also staying sensitive to the budgets of small businesses.

Custom Dedicated Servers
Not all business demands are the same, and neither are their computing and IT needs. This is why we have a team of system architects and engineers who work exclusively with clients of all sizes to design custom hosting configurations. No matter how large or small your custom request might be, we’re here to help. Take a look at some of our most requested custom solutions.

  • Network Load Balancing
  • Custom Hardware and/or OS
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Platform Hosting

Cloud VPS
Now small businesses can leverage the same computing power that has, until recently, been available to large enterprises exclusively. Our cloud server offering, CloudVPS, lets you control cost and scale on demand.

  • Cloud Technologies Developed on OpenStack
  • Unlimited Scalability
  • Dedicated Resources
  • Flexible Pricing, Month-to-Month
  • Savings up to 60% compared to traditional hosting

Platform Hosting
Web hosting designed to be affordable, dependable, and easy-to-use with all inclusive managed technologies (email, DNS and web analytics). We take reliability and performance seriously, which is why our shared accounts are never overloaded with sites, to ensure peak performance around-the-clock. We know our clients would rather pay a few dollars extra every month for peace-of-mind, rather than risking their sites’ online credibility from both end-users and search engines. All of this is available with the same 24/7/365 customer service our clients have come to love!

  • Linux Shared Hosting
  • ASP.NET Shared Hosting
  • ColdFusion Shared Hosting
  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting
  • SharePoint Hosting
  • Business Hosting

Cloud Features:

Dell PowerEdge Blade Server

  • We’ve packed a significant amount of RAM into each blade to ensure that we can scale to meet your demands
  • Integrated power gates in Intel Intelligent Power Technology allow individual idling cores to reduce to near-zero power independence from other operating cores, reducing idle power consumption by up to 50 percent versus previous generation two-socket server processors
  • DDR3 memory provides a reduction in power consumption of 30 percent compared to DDR2 modules
  • Our Microsoft-Certified Dell blades allow us to scale the CPU beyond the capacities of a traditional server, so we always have the computing power to meet your needs

Dell PowerEdge Blade Enclosure

  • Centralized management controllers (CMC) provide redundant, secure access paths for administrators to manage multiple enclosures and blades from a single console
  • With additional I/O slots and switch options, we have the flexibility we need to meet increasing demands for I/O consumption
  • Dell’s FlexIO modular switch technology lets us easily scale to provide additional uplink and stacking functionality
  • Redundant power supplies support 3+3 (AC redundancy), 3+1 (power supply redundancy), or 3+0 (non-redundant) modes
  • The M1000e is the most power-efficient blade solution on the market, built on Dell’s energy-smart technology
  • Ultra-efficient power supplies
  • Dynamic, power-efficient fans
  • Optimized airflow design efficiently cools the chassis to enable exceptional performance in a lower power envelope
  • Lead-free chassis reduces overall cooling requirements

Compellent SAN

  • Compellent won “Technology of the Year” awards from InfoWorld Media Group for three consecutive years
  • Clustered controllers insure that no single point of failure exists
  • Consistent, online backup and recovery
  • The technology built into the Compellent SAN allows us to be very green. From utilizing every byte of storage space to generating advanced carbon-footprint reports, we can see how we’re doing when it comes to protecting the environment and how we can improve.