Front-End Development

Simply put, front-end development is the creation of the web application’s user interface (UI). This is the face of the web application the user sees on the website and contains the objects that the user interfaces with to perform some action such as ordering product, filling out forms, viewing images/videos or uploading/downloading documents. These front-end systems must interact seamlessly with the back-end application. There are many great front-end developers but unless they also build the back-end system the handoff between the two can be flawed. TSI Applications has both front-end and back-end developers which is why our applications are so reliable. We find out what the client wants to do with the application, we submit a design proposal (generally a demo front-end application) for the client’s approval and then we put the back-end systems in place to perform the actions required by the front-end system. These may include database updates, e-mail submissions or file transfers. This combination of front-end design and back-end development is what makes us a full-service application development firm; we handle the process from start to finish.

Good front-end development is crucial to the success of a web application. Although aesthetics is important, standardization is even more important. There are many browsers in the arena such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Firefox to name a few. These browsers are not static rather they are constantly being updated to newer and more stable  versions. This dynamic user landscape must be continuously managed. While periodic upkeep will be required for any application; building the application to be cross-browser compatible using accepted web standards is crucial to the stability of the application. Consider what would happen if your “Place Order” button in your shopping cart suddenly stopped working in Internet Explorer 12? How many lost sales would result from this front-end catastrophe? Applying web standards from the beginning will help ensure that your web application continues to run now and far into the future.