Make Yourself Available

What’s the secret to maintaining long term relationships with clients? I can’t speak for other industries but when it comes to web application development there are three: be available, be available and most importantly, be available. I believe that the reason we have been able to maintain relationships with our clients for over 12 years (so far) is because we are always there. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night or the middle of the day. If it’s important enough for the client to pick up the phone and call you it’s important enough for you to answer. We don’t have the luxury of determining what is important; the client does. Being there when the “you-know-what” hits the fan is critical to building trust. When the client calls in a panic your calm voice on the other end of the phone should immediately reassure him that the problem has a solution and the team will start fixing it right now. And yes, even if it’s two in the morning.

Your client needs to think of you in two ways. First he/she should be thoroughly convinced that you consistently develop solid well built applications.  And second, he/she needs to always have the assurance that you’ll be available. Let’s face it, application bugs happen. Any developer who tells you that there will never be issues with an application is simply not being honest. In the web application development world we have a myriad of client browser and security configurations that could cause issues with the functioning of an application. There could be intermittent availability of a remote database that requires shifting to a back-up server. Unforeseeable things happen.  When that happens it’s important that you’re at the desk with the team day or night.

If your web application development company is not returning your calls promptly you should consider looking elsewhere. If e-mails take 24 hours for a reply you should consider looking elsewhere. TSI Applications is there for our clients, day or night. Give us a call to see how we can earn your trust and let us build your business some incredible web applications to help draw potential customers.