Controlling ColdFusion Development Costs

In the last several years, many good ColdFusion developers have moved on to using other technologies. This has happened because many jobs require web application developers to use different technologies for their job. The web application development companies that use ColdFusion have become few and far between. However, this smaller pool of available developers are the ones who live and breathe ColdFusion. They are the best of the best, and the developers who merely dabbled in the technology have moved on to different pastures. Basically, the employment pool has been distilled to a concentrated minority of top-quality developers. Since the availability of qualified ColdFusion developers has diminished, many companies cannot find the talent to staff a full ColdFusion development team anymore. This is where outsourcing comes into play. Many companies are turning to hiring development firms who staff experts in the field to handle their ColdFusion needs. Hiring a company like TSI Applications gives your business greater flexibility and more control over your costs. Having web app developers on-call to address your needs as they arise allows you to spend money on assistance as you need it, not necessarily as an ongoing cost.

Why Hire Remote Developers?

There are many good reasons to outsource your ColdFusion development. When you hire a web app development company, they worry about staffing so you don’t have to. Here are some other things to think about:

Pile of Junk on Office DeskDevelopment firms can afford to hire expert developers because they can work remotely. Most will work at a reduced hourly rate to avoid commuting. A development firm cares only that developers can collaborate on complex projects, that they are available immediately, and that they write excellent code quickly. They do not care what their employee’s desk looks like or what they are wearing. This creates freedom for employees who can focus in on what they love to do: create web applications and find solutions to problems.

Having a team of remote developers broadens the pool of resources. If a Phoenix-based company wanted to hire an in-house developer they would be limited to those in the Phoenix area or those willing to relocate. Remote developers can work from any location and be available at any time because they do not have to be at your office in order to work.

 Where Do We Go From Here?

A company looking for ColdFusion talent should consider hiring a web application development company like TSI Applications to manage their projects for them. Let’s face it, migrating from an entire ColdFusion to a PHP or .NET is significantly more expensive than migrating from in-house developers to an outsourced solution. We strongly urge you to consider an outsourced solution before you hire another developer. Contact TSI Applications to speak to us regarding your unique business needs and how we can help you with custom web application development or ongoing support for your ColdFusion applications.