5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Applications Developer

Web applications are highly technical and complex to create; they require experienced developers to make sure they work flawlessly. The application must be programmed manually which, depending upon the complexity of the application, could take a substantial amount of time. There is simply no way around that. If you’ve already searched for developers you should have noticed that there is a wide range of hourly rates out there. As expected, those located overseas tend to have the lowest hourly rates while developers  based in the US,  Canada and Western Europe tend to have higher rates. However, don’t let the lower cost fool you! When shopping for a web developer there are several things to keep in mind:

1) The final price of an application remains relatively consistent.

Generally those who charge a lower hourly rate are less experienced and take longer to create the application, which adds more hours and drives up the price. Developers who charge a higher per-hour rate generally take less time to complete the application therefore reducing the total cost. At the end of the day the applications end up costing the about the same.

2) Experienced developers simply create better applications.

Experienced developers charge a higher hourly rate because they are experienced.  They create a better application. Their applications tend to be more stable, user friendly, and attractive. An experienced developer can save hours of downtime later and can often foresee what a client will want to add later and build the application with feature enhancements in mind.

3)  Language issues pose tremendous problems.

Although many foreign developers can speak some English, often their accents are so thick that although they are speaking English it can be almost unintelligible. Generally the person selling the application services will not be the one creating the application and although the salesperson is understandable, the developers may not be. This may not seem like a big deal but it can mean hours of wasted time which translated into hours of needless expense. As I said above, web applications are incredibly complex and communications must be crystal clear. Mistranslating the word “and” or “or” could cost thousands of dollars in re-work.

4) Time zones add another layer of complexity.

As I’m writing this it is 9:30 AM here in Arizona, the start of a bright new work day. My third cup of coffee is still steaming on my desk and I have some minor updates that need to be made for a few clients’ websites. I’ll have those knocked out by 10:00 AM which frees more up for some new projects. However, what if I was based in New Delhi, India? What would that mean to my clients? Right now it is 10:00 PM in New Delhi. It would be at least 10 hours before a client could speak to a developer. In fact in Malaysia it is actually tomorrow! When making an outsourcing decision consider the developers location. After you pay them it’s often too late to change and refunds are difficult to obtain.

5) International law is important

Companies based in the US are legally liable to their clients. Here in the US we have a great court system which serves as a deterrent to dishonesty. Many foreign countries do not have an effective legal system. Even if they do, good luck pursuing them in international court! International representation is expensive and time consuming therefore generally not worth the time or expense. “What are the chances of being taken advantage of?” you might ask. Well, what if you spent thousands of dollars creating the perfect one-of-a-kind application only to find it for sale somewhere else? Soon after you go live with it your competitors put the same application on their websites and the edge you were hoping for is gone and the money essentially wasted. Doing business with a US-based company gives you peace of mind that this will not happen. When deciding upon a web developer be sure to look beyond the price. If someone wants filet mignon they don’t go to a a diner but a steakhouse. The same holds true for web development. Just about any developer can make an application but it takes experience to create a great web application! TSI Applications has the experience, fair prices, staying power and a solid track record of creating great cutting edge applications. Before you settle for the lowest price consider what you’re losing. Do you want your filet mignon cooked over an open flame by a master chef or slapped into a greasy frying pan by a part-time cook?  The answer to that question will help determine which developer to use.