Back-End Development

Back-end development is the creation of the behind-the-scenes applications; the gears that make the watch keep time. By way of analogy you can think of the front-end as the store front. In the store you have sales people who give product details to help the user make an informed decision. Pricing is displayed to the shopper and there are cash registers to accept payment. The store-front is merely a façade that makes the shopping experience a pleasant one. Yet behind the scenes much more is taking place that the user never senses. For example, after a shopper empties their shopping basket and the cashier totals the order the back-end processing systems kick in. These back-end systems communicate with the credit card companies to approve payment, they insert the order into the database, they send the order to the fulfillment center, they kick off the shipping process by printing the label and assigning a tracking number and they send confirmation e-mails to the customer. The back-end system communicates with the shipper to ensure that the buyer can check the status of their order from receipt to delivery. Additionally, the back-end systems ensure that a replacement product is automatically re-ordered to maintain inventory levels. While the front-end system is necessary, without the back-end support it is just a pretty (useless) picture.

A back-end developer must be experienced. They must bring to the table years of experience and a toolbox brimming with solutions. Working closely with the front-end team, they must be able to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely; ambiguity almost always results in rework. Our developers communicate directly with the client so that nothing is lost in translation. Using Adobe’s ColdFusion as the back-end development language we create stable and secure applications. While the front-end gets the glory; it’s the back-end that does the work!