Website Design Services

We offer the following design services.

For examples of our design capabilities see our UI Design page.

Custom websites

  • Standard website design (laptop/desktop)
  • Mobile website development (tablet/phone)
  • Fully Responsive (laptop/desktop/tablet/phone)
  • Drop-in website templates (less expensive option)

Content management systems (CMS)

  • Custom configuration and skinning of open-source CMS (WordPress and Joomla!)
  • Custom CMS templates (unique designs developed in-house)
  • Drop-in CMS templates (less expensive option)

Intranet systems

  • Standard back-end intranet design and development (generally used by company employees)


  • Custom logo design (includes file formats: AI, EPS, JPG, PNG,PDF,PSD)
  • Manipulation of current logo to fit with the website template.


  • Generating custom images for website presentation
  • Manipulating existing images to work with the website


Responsive Design

Fully responsive web design from TSI Applications

Fully responsive webdesign