ColdFusion Development for Coilcraft

Our Coilcraft web applications have even jumped into print! The inductor applications we built for Coilcraft have been featured in many of their print ads – we consider that a compliment. Here are a few:


The applications we built helped secure Coilcraft excellent marks in a 2009 EDN magazine Brand Awareness and Preference Study. Click here to see the full report.

User-Friendly web applications buit for Coilcraft by TSI Applications

Coilcraft frequently demonstrates the applications we created for them – we take that as a compliment any day! Another Coilcraft compliment.

Coldfusion professional compliment from Coilcraft


Our applications have been featured in tradeshows throughout the world including the 2010 Electronica Trade Fair in Munich Germany. If that isn’t a compliment we don’t know what is!

Electronica 2010 features TSI Applications' work in Munich


When our client’s customers are happy so are we. Read what people are saying about the web applications we build for our clients. Note: The underlined comments are related to the website. It is easy to get lost in the slew of compliments Coilcraft receives for their excellent customer service.

You guys have a great website. Very easy to use.
I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a wonderful service as I got from your sample request and design help pages. I’m just getting back into circuit design after working in management for many years and I had just pulled the trigger on a prototype circuit board design only to discover that one of the inductors I’d selected was in suddently unavailable. After fruitlessly searching though catalogs for one that would fit the PCB layout, I stumbled on your (Inductor Finder) web page. This was, quite a frankly, a godsend for me. And, to then find out that you’d quickly send me some samples, too…well, that just made my day. Thanks again.
I really like the online sample ordering system. It’s helps developers get their job done quickly and locks in Coilcraft in the design phase of development.
Website was very helpful. Thanks for the samples. Got me out of a bind. Thanks!!!
I just have to say that you have the best website around. It gives me all the information I want with simple clicks. I especially like the amount of Availability information that it gives me (how many in stock, how many more will come into stock, lead time). Other companies try to make their website “easy to use” and to “contain all information”, but I always end up calling them. Your website, however, contains everything I need to make my decision on the right component. By far, when I think of inductors, I think of Coilcraft because of the speed in which I can find the right part.
You have a very good product and easy ordering through your website. Thanks!
Great line of products at very good prices. Very easy website to use. Love the loss calculator.
I love your web site… fast and straight forward.
We love Coilcraft and the excellent customer service. The website is easy to use, parts are always in stock, and the price is right. Thanks a million!
I purchase Coilcraft products online and the ease of use to purchase products is great! I appreciate Coilcraft adding ‘check stock’ in the online ordering process. I know right away if parts are in stock & if they will ship out the same day.
I want to commend your company. I went on line and order the part and it is SO EASY TO ORDER!. Unlike other companies where you have to register, remeber your password etc. I like it very much. Straight to the point. Thanks for good customer service. Keep up the good work!
Love the website for sample requests. I have never used anything easier to order samples, and I get them in 2-3 days. Love it.
I’ve found the new inductor comparison tool on the Coilcraft website to be excellent, as it allows a quick view of inductor operation at radio frequencies.
Your site and support rock. You always stay up to date on the current power supply and filtering technology. No response required – just keep doing what you’re doing, and I’ll keep designing you in.
Very happy with ease of ordering and samples. Tech info provided was all I needed to design the part in. Thanks
Your excellent sampling policy and your fabulous design tools make it so easy to design in Coilcraft parts. You’re the only vendor that I look to! Thanks.
You have a very good product and easy ordering through your website. Thanks!
I especially like the applets on the Coilcraft website that optimize inductors to 3rd party hardware. It’s a life saver!
I have always been very satisfied with everything I have ordered from Coilcraft. The sales people and the web-site are both wonderful.
Smooth process in obtaining samples. Well constructed website. Coilcraft is top notch quality for ‘off the shelf’ type magnetics.
Coilcraft has an excellent and user friendly website that I know I can rely on to find parts I need, quickly, and order samples in a quick and simple manner.
I am very satisfied will all of my dealings with Coilcraft. You supply quality components. Your sampling policy is excellent. And your web site provides ALL the information I need to keep my projects moving… including models. Thank you very much.